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The Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Lithuania

The Ministry is the governmental body of the Republic of Lithuania in charge of formulating and implementing state policy in the cultural and creative sectors, in particular professional arts, museums, libraries, archives, cultural heritage, regional cultural policy and cultural participation, media and film, protection of copyright and neighbouring rights.


The Ministry’s mission is to establish conditions ensuring the continuity, development and promotion of national culture, society’s freedom and diversity of cultural expression, protection of cultural values, as well as the development of a democratic, free and open society.


The Ministry of Culture is responsible for carrying out state governance functions in the area of culture within the framework of laws and other legislation:

  • drafting of the laws and other legislation regulating the cultural and creative sectors;
  • drafting of strategies, programmes and other planning documents to do with the development of cultural and creative sectors and coordination of their implementation;
  • setting priorities for funding of the cultural and creative sectors, as well as the allocation of funds to cultural organizations;
  • ensuring accounting and protection of cultural heritage;
  • coordination of the system for the protection of copyright and neighbouring rights;
  • coordination of the implementation of state policy in the area of public information;
  • development of regional cultural strategies;
  • international cooperation and EU affairs.



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