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The Ministry of Culture is the governmental body of the Republic of Lithuania in charge of formulating and implementing the state culture policies in the fields of professional and amateur art, theatre, music, fine arts, cinema, museums, libraries, publication as well as in the area targeted at the safeguard of copyright and neighbouring rights and the protection of cultural values.


Establish conditions ensuring the continuity, development and promotion of national culture, society’s freedom of cultural expression and involvement in the cultural activities, protection of cultural values; develop and facilitate unfolding of spiritual and tangible values of different social groups and national communities and contribute to the development and education of a democratic, free and open society.


The Ministry of Culture performs the following basic state governance functions in the area of culture delegated to it within the framework of laws and other legislation:

•drafting of laws and other legislation regulating the area of culture;

•drafting of conceptions and programmes on the development of different areas of art and coordination of their implementation;

•allocation of funds to museums, libraries and fine art, cinema , concert and other organizations as well as major art and culture projects

•coordination of activities performed within the framework of implementing the system on the protection and safeguard of copyright and neighbouring rights;

•coordination of state policy implementation in the area of public information;

•ensuring of cultural values accounting and protection;

•development and implementation of interstate cultural programmes; drafting of international agreements;

•initiation of regional cultural development strategies.

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