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Funds Allocated for Two More Cultural Heritage Projects

During the month July two more project promoters received the funding from the programme - Zervynos Village Community and The Rectory of the Jesuit Church of St. Francis Xavier in Kaunas to implement their cultural heritage projects.

On May 15th, 2014, the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Lithuania approved allocation of funds for 17 cultural heritage projects. After the allocation, the residual amount of funds remained. which was allocated on July 1st to first project in the reserve list, i.e. Zervynos Village Community project “Arrangement of the traditional wooden architecture in the state protected cultural heritage object - the ethnographic Zervynos village“ (1 701 141,81 Lt).

To fund the project from this partciluar funding measure was chose taking into consideration a huge demand of funds for the wooden heritage of Lithuania. In order to make use the funds for this measure,  changes in the Programme Agreement had to be made. On June 20th, the Financial Mechanism Office agreed on changes regarding the proportions of Programme‘s budget among the measures by increasing the percentage for the Measure I and decreasing it for the Measure III:

Measure I. The maintenance of wooden buildings of immovable cultural heritage projects  (approx. 54 % of the total allocation of the projects);

Measure II. Completion of maintenance works on partly restored non-wooden immovable cultural heritage and the adaptation of cultural heritage buildings for the public needs projects (approx. 35 % of the total allocation of the projects);

Measure III. Establishment or development of applied cultural heritage research and conservation centres in cultural heritage buildings projects (approx. 11 % of the total allocation for the projects).

On May 25th, Administration of Telsiai District Municipality informed about their decision to not sign the implementation agreement of the project „ Arrangement of Telsiai yeshivah“ (Funding Measure II). Consequently, 2 more projects will be funded with the amount previously dedicated to Telsiai administration (2 406 947,47 Lt).

On July 10th, the order was released to fund the first Project in the reserve list of the same measure -  “The arrangement heritage preservation works in the Jesuit Church of St. Francis Xavier in Kaunas“ (1 411 051,05 Lt ) by the Rectory of the Jesuit Church of St. Francis Xavier in Kaunas. The residual amount is planned to be allocated to one more project during the month of August.

To summarize, having one project promoter refusing to sign the contract, as well as some residual funds reallocated, currently 18 cultural heritage projects are being funded.


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